Vocational Services

Our vocational programme focuses on skill development and community participation.  Each person who has chosen our service has a vocational plan, and their daily programme is targeted at meeting the goals and aspirations contained in that plan.


Examples of activities available through the vocational programme are:

Arts and Craft and Activities: Painting, knitting, sewing, cross stitch, cognitive games/exercises, writing

Practical Living Skills: Cooking, shopping, banking.

Physical Exercise: Regular walking, dance/drama, use of exercise equipment such as Zumba and Hip Hop.

Gardening: Planting, lawn mowing, garden clearing

Computers: Email, Facebook, games, typing

Seeking employment (both paid and voluntary)


The Programme is also focused on community participation.  We support people to deliver meals on wheels, participate in the Ranui Twin Streams Beautification Project, deliver a weekly newspaper and access community facilities such as the Library and public swimming pools. 

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