Heading 1 & 2

This is the main text style, and this is a link.

A button

Heading 3

This is another paragraph.

Heading 4

This is what bold text looks like, and italic text. Text that is both bold and italic looks like this text here.


A quick demo of all available theme icons. These are sourced mostly from Font Awesome v4.7.0, and assembled into the icon font via Fontello.

Home icon Search icon Phone icon Mail icon Ok icon Cancel icon Cart icon Plus icon Star icon Empty Star icon Half a Star icon Down Open icon Left Open icon Right Open icon Up Open icon Down icon Left icon Right icon Up icon Facebook icon Instagram icon Twitter icon LinkedIn icon LinkedIn icon Youtube icon Youtube icon Skype icon Vimeo icon SoundCloud icon Pinterest icon Spotify icon Tumblr icon Podcast icon Music icon Bandcamp icon Deezer icon Ko-fi icon Amazon icon Location icon Ok icon Calendar icon

(Please note that Deezer and Ko-fi use images instead of Fontello – however they are still both available in the social media shortcode and as icon classes.)

To display an icon anywhere, you can use the tsp-icon shortcode. For example:

[tsp-icon “home”]

Which will display: Home icon

(The icon name can be obtained by inspecting the code of any of the icons above.)